Testimonials for Pat Goss

Luke DonaldLuke Donald: PGA Professional Who Earned the World’s #1 Ranking in June 2011 in the Official World Golf Ranking

Pat Goss is Luke’s short game coach and was his collegiate coach at Northwestern University from 1998-2001

Pat has greatly impacted my golf game and helped me maintain a positive and healthy perspective in all aspects of my life. You know he’s a good teacher when you’ve been struggling for weeks and then he gives you a tip, something small. Then, suddenly, you’re puring it. He has also been very valuable in the development of my short game and putting. Since I turned professional we have continually worked on my short game fundamentals and creating better practices. My improvements in all short game statistics are directly attributable to this work. Those who work with Pat thought the Wildcat Golf Academy will benefit greatly from his experiences teaching at the college level and his work on the PGA Tour.”

Steven Levitt: American Economist
Author, Freakonomics & Superfreakonomics
Time magazine’s “100 People Who Shape Our World” in 2006

“Pat has been a wonderful teacher for me, helping me in all facets of my game. My full swing, short game, and putting have all improved, and I have a much better understanding of my game.  Pat also helped me understand how to practice better. As an Economist, Pat’s approach of how to systematically improve always resonated with me.  Consequently, my handicap dropped, and I have enjoyed the game more than ever.”

Brad Hopfinger

Testimonials for Jeff Mory

Brad Hopfinger: Played Collegiate Golf at the University of Iowa, 2008-2011, All-Big Ten 2011, 2011 Illinois State Amateur Champion

“Jeff has been instrumental in my development as a golfer. I have worked with him since my freshman year of high school and every year I have worked with him my game has continued to improve. He has helped develop my golf swing, short game, and mental toughness. His advice and positive support were essential as I made the transition from junior golf to the college game. His instruction is still helping me improve today, and I look forward to continue getting better with his help. I can confidently say I would not have been able to have the same level of success without his help.”

David Greenspahn: President/CEO, The Orchard Group

“By working with Jeff, I have gained a true understanding of a good golf swing begins with balance and posture.”


Testimonials for Sam McKenney

Bill Callahan, 4 Handicap: Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC

“Working with Sam has allowed me to gain a  better understanding of the game of golf, tee to green.  That increased understanding has resulted in a significant improvement in my game and overall enjoyment that comes from playing well.   If you are serious about improving your game, you should work with him.  Sam is a pleasure to work with and a true professional.” — Bill Callahan

Chuck McDonough: Vice President & Global Controller of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD/“World Bank”)

“Sam McKenney is a terrific golf instructor. He has helped me improve all parts of my game from the full swing to the short game. Sam has an excellent eye for spotting areas for improvement and then effectively communicating how to make changes to address those issues.”

Blake R. Johnson: President, The John Buck Company

“I was hoping to keep Sam to myself but I guess the secret is out. Sam quickly and easily improved my kids swings so I thought ‘why not me?’. Sam works on my fundamentals in the Spring and gives me long term goals for the year.  Last fall, my swing was completely out of whack and I needed an emergency tune up. After only 20 minutes in a one hour session, I was cured. I’m not overly technical so I appreciate that Sam is able to simply explain swing fundamentals and demonstrate what I need to do in order to swing on plane.”