Train Like a Team

Most golfers enjoy hitting balls and working on their games. But truth be told most players do not practice effectively nor do they use their time as efficiently as possible to ensure the greatest chance for improvement.

With the same proven methods that have produced individual and team Big Ten Championships, multiple college tournament wins, and the development of tour players and great amateurs, the coaching staff will organize practice sessions to give you better direction on how and what to practice.

No matter what your skill level is, take advantage of this great opportunity to practice while being supervised.  Practices will involve a combination of swing and short game instruction and performance testing.  Performance testing will test your skill and give you a way to measure your progress and show you where you need the most work.

Learn how to practice smart not more.

Organized Group Practice Nights at The Glen Club are finished for the season. Please check back in Spring 2018 for future dates and times.